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Patric Moore

Birth of the Hustle is about discovering and sharing the truth about the hardships and success of starting a venture.

With this site and podcast, you’ll be guided by real people fighting for their dreams to start, grow, or manage your own business or idea. Get all the information and tools you need to create your own profit producing venture. Start with the basics such as deciding what area you would like to set your

focus in through strategies such as the perfect day exercise.

A little about us: in 2016 Patric Moore and Joey Wilkes met through a mutual friend and started a small group for young entrepreneurs focused on learning business strategies. The group blossomed to multiple members, that all went from no venture, to a business of their own–this was our vessel in learning how to help others build their own dream.

In 2018, this site’s Birth of the Hustle was born. As a result, we have the ability to help you learn and win in an ever diverse and challenging entrepreneurial arena. Being full time entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we can share what strategies work, and the many that do not.

Joey Wilkes

We bring this experience to you in hop es that you will be empowered to start a venture of your own. Helping others start building their dreams, improve, and grow is what keeps us motivated to create episode after episode.

We look forward to meeting and chatting with you here, through the podcast, tweets, facebook, instagram, or anywhere else life might take you. Come say hi!

-Patric and Joey